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CrisMa Name card with mobile stand. Give your name card an additional value. Perfect for your mailings as well - ultra flat and light weight.
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Material Plastic
Finishing types Digital printing, Pad printing
Product length 85 mm
Product width 54 mm
Product height 1 mm
Weight 0.004 kg
Type of packaging Polybag
Menge Großverpackung 3000
Menge Kleinverpackung 50
Country of origin China
Customs tariff number 39269097900
Name 1 print area 1 on_the_left
Printgroup 1 Pad printing (T2)
Print area 1 width 50 mm
Print area 1 height 20 mm
Possible colors printgroup 1 4
Name 1 print area 2 on_the_right
Printgroup 2 Digital printing (DC1)
Possible colors printgroup 2 1
Brand CrisMa
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CrisMa Namecard with mobile stand
Product number: 2047306
CrisMa Name card with mobile stand. Give your name card an additional value. Perfect for your mailings as well - ultra flat and light weight.
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