Neon Sublimation mug

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Neon coloured mug that gets the attention of everybody - exactly what your promotion needs. We suggest to show your logo in dark grey! Sublimation is made in CMYK - due to the color of the mug the print result could turn different.
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Material Ceramic
Finishing types Ceramic transfer, Sublimation printing
Product length 96 mm
Weight 0.332 kg
Type of packaging Not packed
Menge Großverpackung 36
Menge Kleinverpackung 12
Country of origin China
Customs tariff number 69120029100
Reach information
Dibortrioxid (Borsäure)215-125-81303-86-206/12
Dinatriumtetraborat,wasserfrei, Pentahydrat bzw. Decahydrat215-540-41330-43-412179-04-31303-96-406/10
Tetrabordinatriumheptaoxid, hydrat235-541-312267-73-106/10
Perfluorbutansulfonsäure (PFBS) und seine Salze--01.01.2020