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Our silicone card holder is a practical and versatile accessory that can be adhered to the back of your smartphone. This card holder provides space for business cards, credit cards, cash, and other small items.

Product Highlights:

Convenient Card Holder: The silicone card holder accommodates business cards, credit cards, banknotes, and other small items.

Easy Attachment: The card holder is affixed to the back of your smartphone and is easy to install.

Print option: Your logo will be directly printed on the silicone pocket, with white or black printing colors available.

Compact and Lightweight Design: The card holder adds minimal weight and volume to your smartphone.

Versatile Use: This accessory is ideal for business professionals, trade shows, and as a promotional item.

Secure Grip: The card holder ensures that your cards and cash are securely stored and easily accessible.

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Product length 56 mm
Product width 85 mm
Product height 2 mm
Material Silicone
Weight 0.012 kg
Brand MCollection
Country of origin China
Customs tariff number 39269097900


Finishing types Laser engraving, Pad printing
Printgroup 1 Pad printing (T4)
Name 1 print area 1 On the front
Possible colors printgroup 1 1
Print area 1 width 40 mm
Print area 1 height 40 mm
Printgroup 2 Laser engravement (L3)
Name 1 print area 2 On the frOnt
Print area 2 width 40 mm
Print area 2 height 30 mm
Possible colors printgroup 2 1


Type of packaging Not packed
Quantity bulk packaging 1000
Quantity small packaging 50
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