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Our versatile 2-in-1 bamboo writing instrument – a combination of a blue ink ballpoint pen, touch function, erasable endless refill, and matching eraser! This writing instrument combines functionality and sustainability.

Product Highlights:

Bamboo Writing Instrument: The writing instrument is made from sustainable bamboo, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Blue Ink Ballpoint Pen: The blue ink ballpoint pen allows for a pleasant and precise writing experience.

Touch Function: The touch function at the top of the writing instrument enables convenient operation of touchscreens.

Erasable Endless Refill: The erasable endless refill provides the ability to correct what's written and use the page endlessly.

Matching Eraser: The writing instrument features a matching eraser, completing the correction function.

Print option: Your logo will be engraved on the bamboo writing instrument, ensuring a sustainable and personalized presentation.

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Product length 148 mm
Product diameter 11 mm
Material Bamboo, Plastic, Rubber
Weight 0.011 kg
Refill color Blue
Refill type Plastic Lead
Country of origin China
Customs tariff number 96091090000


Finishing types Laser engraving, Pad printing
Printgroup 1 Laser engravement (L1)
Name 1 print area 1 On the side
Possible colors printgroup 1 1
Print area 1 width 50 mm
Print area 1 height 6 mm
Printgroup 2 Pad printing (T1)
Name 1 print area 2 On the side
Print area 2 width 40 mm
Print area 2 height 6 mm
Possible colors printgroup 2 4


Type of packaging Not packed
Quantity bulk packaging 1000
Quantity small packaging 50